Several services can be performed to glass. Thicknesses offered range from 1/16 inches up to 3/4 inches as well as different types:

  • Clear
  • Tinted
  • Rough (Textured & Obscured)
  • Tempered
  • Laminated Safety
  • Insulated
  • High Performance
  • Fire Rated
  • Lead
  • Restoration
glass rack

Rough glass offered:

rough glass


We have been using the same process and formula for over 115 years; this formula is proprietary and has been passed down through the generations from father to son. Mirrors can be fabricated that are super thin for makeup compacts, antique silver hand mirrors, replace framed mirrors, bathroom mirrors, door mirrors, wall mirrors, and mirrors for antique cars. Mirrors can be made from mouth blown glass to replicate glass made in the 1600’s, 1700’s, and 1800’s. We offer commerically manufactured mirrors in several thicknesses and in the following colors:

  • Clear
  • Bronze
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Gray
cut mirror
winged mirror


The process by which an old deteriorated mirror is returned to its original state. This involves stripping the old silver and paint off the mirror returning it to a clear piece of glass. The surface is then cleaned, polished, and readied for a fresh coat of silver. Finally, the new silver is poured on the back and paint is then applied to maintain the durability of the mirror.

circle mirrors
Custom beaded & beveled reproduced for a sterling silver plateau mirrors

Antique Mirrors

The same silvering process is used in manufacturing re-silvered mirrors however, different techniques are used to distress the look therefore making it appear antique. We can also restore and reproduce pieces for Venetian and Baguette mirrors.

Hand Beveling

Using a five step process where glass is moved across different mills by hand then ground to a specific width as it was done over a 100 years. There are certain patterns and shapes that are only able to be replicated by hand that modern machinery cannot produce.

reproduced pair
A pair of custom beveled mirrors, engraved & antiqued silvered to match a 17th century mirror
engraved star
Hand beveled & engraved star for a nativity
engraved frame
New piece beveled, engraved & silvered for mirror restoration

Modern Day Machinery

Today we also have modern day machinery that can produce standard bevels more economically and efficiently. These machines can manufacture a variety of glass sizes along with a range of bevel widths.

machine beveled

Polished Edges

The process by which a plain cut piece of glass is ground flat then the top and bottom are seamed to a highly finished edge where it is smooth and clear.

polished edges

Stone Wheel Engraving

Throughout this process glass is moved over a revolving wheel fed with water to create different shapes and lines, making intricate detailed designs such as flowers or geometric shapes.

engraved star
Custom beveled & engraved star out of old yellow glass
engraved ship
Old engraved mirror that has been re-silvered

Table Tops

Typically pieces of clear glass can be cut down to fit the top of a table with polished edges for the purpose of protecting the table’s surface. Glass tops range in shape from standard squares and rectangles to custom ovals and cut out notches.

table tops


The surface of glass is removed by blasting the surface with abrasive using compressed air. Stencils can be used to create almost any letter and pattern. This service can be applied to glass or mirrors and can even be back painted for an extra effect.

Sandblasted design on cobalt blue glass
green glass sandblasting
Custom green back painted glass wall

Shower Doors

Used instead of shower curtains they can be framed in different metal finishes using 1/4 inch glass up to 1⁄2 inch glass making all glass shower doors and tub enclosures.

shower door finishes
Sliding glass door enclosure
Neo Angle shower door enclosure

Store Fronts & Entrances

Using high quality aluminum framing materials made by the top architectural aluminum companies in the country, we can furnish and install store fronts and entrances made with sash and bar, store front framing, and curtain wall systems.

store 02
Clear anodized aluminum store front with wide stile door
All glass entrance
store front 01
All glass sliding door
Fire rated storefront

Crystal & Stemware Repair

Crystal glasses and goblets that have chips on the rim and bases can be ground and polished to eliminate the damage. Some crystal may also be repaired using special glues and adhesives.

crystal repair 02



Glass Replacement

We can replace glass of any type from single-pane to insulated glass in windows, doors, store fronts, showcases, etc.