family pic

Back row: Henry III, Hank, Brownen, Derrick, and Henry Sr., Front row: Dalton and Hailey

The Chaudron family migrated to the United States from France in the 1850’s and one of the sons J. W. Chaudron started the business in Baltimore in 1900 manufacturing authentic French Looking Glass (Mirrors). His nephew August apprenticed under him for a number of years before he himself took ownership of the company in the late 20’s. He had two sons Sam and Jack, Jack went to business school and became a CPA to run the business while Sam apprenticed under August to master the craft. Presently the company is owned and operated by Jack’s son Henry Sr. the fourth generation and assisted by his two sons Hank (Henry Jr.) and Derrick, the fifth generation. Hank’s children Hailey and Henry III are currently in college and work in the family business during school recesses.

henry sr beveling

Henry Sr., fourth generation, 1970's

derrick & henry beveling and engraving

Derrick, fifth generation & Henry III, sixth generation, 2015